When should I get married on the Gold Coast?


This is always a hard one to answer, as weather can change dramatically!  However, generally speaking, the best times for get married on the Gold Coast are:-

1)      Winter – June, July and August.  The advantages are very low rainfall, comfortable daytime temperatures between 18 degrees C and 24 degrees C during the day.  This means everyone will be comfortable in their finery all day, without suffering from scorching sun and dampness.  The ceremony and reception venues are all quiet at this time of year as it is not generally known that it is in fact the best time of all to get married in winter in a Tropical environment such as the Gold Coast.  You will be able to get a much better choice of venues and suppliers to quote you as there will be more availability, rather than having to just choose who can accept a booking on the dates you want to have.  There is also a lovely range of flowers available, not as wide a range as at other seasons, but you can still get roses, lisianthus, tulips, spray roses, lilies, Singapore orchids, ferns, natives such as blushing bride, etc With evening receptions, best to choose an indoor venue, as the temperatures drop to around 11 degrees C in the evenings and sometimes right down to 6 degrees C if you’re unlucky.

2)      Spring - September, October, November and Autumn – March, April and May.  The best two seasons for flower availability, when the weather is warm but not cool at night.  Temperatures generally peak out at 28 degrees to sometimes 30 degrees C during the day, and are around 15 degrees to 18 degrees in the evening.  Beware there are mosquitos around this time of year at the setting of the sun, when thinking of venues for your reception.  This should afford reasonably comfortable temperatures for the bride in her gown, the groom in his suit and the rest of the wedding party.  However, the closer you are to summer months, the lighter the clothing should be and the less restricted to avoid problems on the big day.  This is THE PEAK TIME on the Gold Coast for weddings. So contact your preferred suppliers and venues as early as possible to arrange meetings to discuss your wedding ideas and get quotes, once you’ve decided who you like, book them and pay the deposit to secure their services, to avoid disappointment.  There won’t be much room for negotiation on price as the suppliers are all going to be flat out.  If a supplier can fit you in at very very short notice, check out how long they have been in the industry for, as it may be a lucky break or it could be that it’s a sign they’ve only recently started out as a professional.

3)      Summer – December, January, February.  HOT, rainy, humid, exhausting heat.  Not recommended under any circumstances.  Unfortunately many couples like to get married the week immediately after Christmas, including New Years Day.  There are no open commercial wholesalers for fresh flowers between 24th December and 2nd Janaury, so any flowers you get are going to be old, if you choose 1st Jan, almost a week old.  Limited amount of suppliers for venues, cakes, photographers, etc etc that will even quote, as this is the only week per year most businesses can take some personal holiday with their own family, and so won’t be open.   Wedding dresses should be flowing and loose, and the groom and his party would be more comfortable in open neck shirts and smart shorts.  Again, mosquitos will be around at dawn and dusk.  Avoid being outside between 11am and 2pm as the sun will soon make people start to feel a bit quesy.  Ensure any venue you choose is fully airconditioned, and that the type of icing on the cake won’t be too sensitive to heat.  Avoid planning outdoor buffets involving seafood and white meats.  Flowers available in summer include david Austin roses, cymbidium orchids, and all the normal suspects, such as roses, gerberas, lilies.  Avoid lilies under all circumstances for beach weddings, as unless they are either a) artificials b) arum or calla lilies, they WILL wilt in the summer humidity.  Any florist that tells you different hasn’t experienced summer on the Gold Coast!  Roses and tulips are not good either for beach weddings at this time of year, as the temperatures can be just too harsh combined with the salt and wind off the ocean.

Disclaimer: - These are general personal views only, there are always exceptions and we recommend you make your own investigations to arrive at your conclusions,  this is drawn from our life on the gold coast having lived here for over 22 years.