Flower Availability


This is always a tough one, as flowers and plants are subject to seasons, weather conditions, and local issues.  Where a rose may be growing perfectly happily in Tasmania, doesn’t mean that the weather and conditions are also prime in Victoria for the same species of roses. 

Seasonal demands such as Mothers Day and Valentines Day mean growers have to allocate a lot of flowers to ripen at the right time for delivery to wholesalers for florists to buy for you, the customer for these special dates.  Imagine if they didn’t do this, there wouldn’t be enough red roses for February 14th!  This, however, means that in the run up to, and in the weeks immediately after, the quality and availability of these flowers can be scarce, with smaller heads than normal.

Here in Queensland, I list below, from a range of our wholesalers daily availability sheets for a whole 12 month period over several years, a summary of the flowers we can obtain.  I have chosen to list only the most popular feature flowers, rather than filler flowers such as emille, aster lutea etc.

Some of these flowers may be in season at the beginning of a month, but go out of season and aren’t available later in the month, and vice versa.   

I hope this flower availability guide helps you when trying to work out what special flowers you’d like for a special or corporate event , and  wedding flowers.

List of Available Flowers for weddings, events, arrangements and gift bouquets

IMPORTANT: Roses, Oriental and Asiatic lilies, Gerberas, sim Carnations, Singapore Orchids are all available 12 months of the year here in South East Queensland

January – the hottest month, affected by closures, most florists and growers don’t reopen until after 2nd January.

Calla lilies, freesias, irises, carnations, cockscomb, dahlias, delphiniums, dusty miller, hydrangeas, kangaroo paw, hanging and pygmy amaranthus, lisianthus, lavender


February Summer, another very hot month.  Affected by Valentines Day, re quality, not great availability of different colour roses other than red, price increases due to price increases from growers. See notes above.

Hyacinths, tulips, alstromeria, celosia ratstail, hydrangeas, lavender, liatris, sunflowers, pineapple lilies, irises, cockscomb brains, lisianthus, calla lilies


March – beginning of Qld Autumn

Freesias, hyacinths, irises, tulips, amaranthus hanging, asters, hydrangeas, sea holly, sedum, king proteas, calla lilies, lisianthus, nerines (at end of months), sunflowers



Freesias, jonquils, hyacinths, irises, tulips, hanging and pygmy amaranthus, calla lilies, gloriosa lilies, longiflorum lilies, echinacca, Cockscomb brains, Nerines, stock, sea holly, rosella, dry wheat, king proteas, bulrushes, snapdragons, delphiniums, sunflowers




May end of Autumn.  Mothers Day affects the flower availability and prices.

Daffodils, hyacinths, irises, yellow irises, white irises, jonquils, tulips, gladiolis, liatris, nerines, rosella, stock, sunflowers, longiflorum lilies, earlicheer, calla lilies, asters, delphiniums, snapdragons, blushing bride (– from very very end of may), freesias, henri matisse roses, lavender, liatris, peppercorn berries, hypericum berries, kale


Junestart of winter

Freesias, hyacinths, blue irises, jonquils, tulips, blushing bride, king proteas, delphiniums, asters, gladiolis, kale, liatris, lisianthus, nerines, snapdragons, stock, sunflowers, callas, longiflorum lilies, daffodils



Daffodils, hyacinths, irises – blue and yellow, tulips, calla lilies, blushing bride, gladiolis, kale, liatris, longiflorum lilies, lisianthus, sea holly, snapdragons, stock, sunflowers, violets, sweet peas, earlicheer, asters, blushing bride


Augustwinter. Rose and foliage quality always lacking this month due to continued cold weather for growing.

Daffodils, freesias, irises, earlicheer, jonquils, sweet peas, tulips, campanula, arum lilies, gladiolis, kale, liatris, rosemary, sea holly, snapdragons, stock, sunflowers, delphiniums, ranunculas (sometimes), green goddess (sometimes), lisianthus


September beginning of Spring

Bridal crown, daffodils, freesias, hyacinths, irises in blue, jonquils, lily of the valley, silver chimes, arum lilies, delphiniums, euphorbia, green goddess, liatris, longiflorums, lisianthus, ranunculi, sea holly, snapdragons, sunflowers, Andromeda flowers, silverh chimes.


October – Spring

Lily of the valley, tulips, blue irises, freesias, hyacinths, kangaroo paw, waratahs, arum lilies, bluebells, chincerinchee, delphiniums, green goddess, sunflowers, calla lilies, boronia, arabs eyes, Andromeda, hippeastrum, longiflorum lilies, snapdragons, sweet William, sunflowers gladiolis, yellow irises, lisianthus.


November – End of Spring

Peonies, freesias, blue irises, tulips, arum lilies, alliums, calla lilies, gladiolis, lisianthus, liatris, rhododendrons, snapdragons, kangaroo paw, king proteas, sea holly, arabs eyes, celosia ratstail, cockscomb, sunflowers, xmas bush, chincerinchee,  Andromeda flowers, sweet William, waratahs, longiflorum lilies, mini pineapples, green goddess. Late in the month, David Austin roses.


December – Start of Summer.  Affected by holiday closures and ceasing to cut by growers from 24th December, until 2nd January.

Agapanthus, asters, calla lilies, blue irises, hydrangeas, longiflorum lilies, lisianthus, sea holly, sunflowers, kangaroo paws, king proteas, privot berries, pineapply lilies, dahlias, agapanthus, queen fabiolas, delphiniums, longiflorum lilies, hanging amaranthus, trachelium, skeleton leaves, pokers, xmas bush, peonies, david austen roses, bulrushes, globe thistles


Please note this is NOT an exhaustive list, but a guide. Please always call your local florist to find out what they actually have as regional areas can differ one from another, as well as from one city to another, as other issues such as transport kick in.