What types of flowers are going to ok for my beach wedding?

Unless you are getting married in winter, oriental and Asiatic lilies are unlikely to be able to last long enough for the ceremony and subsequent photographs to still be looking good for your evening reception.  You would be better considering either artificial lilies or a different species of lily such as arum or calla.  The winds off of the sea can be very strong depending on where you are getting married, a popular spot such as Elephant Rock can get very blowy.  The late spring, early autumn and summer heat will also affect the flowers.


The best flowers for beach in late spring early autumn and summer weddings are:- all species of orchids (excluding phalaenopsis orchids), calla and arum lilies, native flowers such as king proteas, waratahs, , ferns, kale, tropicals such as heliconias, crab claws, gerberas, anthuriums.


For cooler months such as winter, early spring and late autumn, roses should be fine, as would gerberas, tulips – but beware as tulips continue to grow and will twist to find the sun!  Other delicate flowers such as babies breath, chrysanthemums, easter daisies, etc would also be robust enough generally speaking for the average temperatures at this time of year.  I would always avoid very delicate flowers such as hydrangeas and peonies as they may not make it very well due to humidity and sea air.


What types of flowers are going to ok for my rainforest wedding? 

Avoid anything scented, it will attract insects.  Not what you want, to be swatting flies from your bouquet or the groom’s buttonhole!

Most roses have no scent, but always check with your florist, as some roses are in the category called “Roses For Noses” and will have scent.  Other than that consideration, you can choose pretty much any type of flower, as the heat will be filtered through the rainforest trees, the sea winds won’t be a consideration, so you will have much greater freedom to have the style of flowers you wish to have, subject to seasonal availability.